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Principal Fay's March MCAS Update Is Posted Below.

March 23, 2015

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Please be advised that the MCAS SPRING TESTING will begin in the area of English Language Arts for all students in grades 3-5 on Monday, March 30th through Friday, April 12th.  (see schedule on the back) Another round of testing in the areas of Math and Science will take place during the month of May, and a schedule will soon follow with specific dates.

Your children, along with the faculty have worked very hard in preparing for these exams, and we should all be proud.  ALL STUDENTS are expected to be in school throughout the testing period.

Get in shape.  Two essential ingredients for successful test taking are a good night’s rest and a healthy breakfast.  A well-balanced breakfast will give your child energy on test days.  Be careful not to offer more food than normal ~ being full can make them sluggish.  And as always, breakfast will be served to all students at 7:15-7:45everyday in our cafeteria.

Celebrate.  Finishing a standardized test is an accomplishment.  Please give your child plenty of time to relax and wind down.  Taking the test requires a lot of mental energy!  Consider treating him/her to a special meal, a video rental, or a walk in the park.  It’s important to tell them how proud you are of their hard work.

In other news – I’ve scheduled a meeting for all parents and teachers who are interested in supporting our annual ‘Night of Science and FUN’ for Wednesday, April 8th at 2:00 in our library.  Please stop by if you like to help.

Take care,

Dr. Fay
Brian T. Fay, Ed.D
Callahan Elementary School


Healthy Schools Program

October 24, 2014

Dear Parents,

Our school is a member of the Alliance for a Healthier Generationís Healthy Schools Program, an initiative that is helping us make our school a healthier place. This is an integral part of helping our children succeed because healthy students are better learners. To this end, we are asking for your help creating new celebration traditions that focus on activity rather than food. I believe itís best for our school not to host individual classroom birthday parties as it takes time away from instruction and valuable learning time. We would like to start recognizing children on their birthdays in different ways and will leave it up to the discretion of the classroom teacher. We also have several students with life threatening allergies and wish to limit the possibility of a life threatening allergic reaction from food being brought in to the school. Starting Monday, October 27th, no more food will be allowed in the classrooms for individual student birthdays. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Sincerely, Dr. Fay

Octubre 24, 2014

Estimados Padres y Guardianes,

Nuestra escuela es miembro de la Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s Healthy Schools Program (Alianza Para una Generación de Programas Escolares Saludables), una iniciativa que nos está ayudando a hacer  que nuestra escuela sea un lugar más saludable. Esta es una parte integral del proceso de ayuda para que nuestros estudiantes tengan éxito en la escuela ya que los alumnos sanos aprenden mejor. A tal efecto, nosotros les pedimos su ayuda en la creación de nuevas formas de celebrar las tradiciones en las que el enfoque sea la actividad en lugar de la comida.

Yo creo que es mejor para nuestra escuela que las clases no organicen fiestas individuales de cumpleaños ya que las mismas quitan tiempo a la instrucción y al valioso tiempo de aprendizaje. Nos gustaría comenzar a reconocer a los niños en su cumpleaños en diferentes formas y lo dejaremos a la discreción del maestro de la clase.

También tenemos varios estudiantes con alergias que pueden ser potencialmente mortales y deseamos limitar la posibilidad de una reacción alérgica que pueda poner en peligro la vida de un alumno al estar en contacto con comida que es traída a la escuela.

Comenzando el lunes 27 de octubre, no se permitirá traer mas comida para celebrar cumpleaños de estudiantes en las aulas. Gracias por su cooperación con este tema.

Dr. Fay


We want to thank all the Families who have brought in the $4.00 for the TIME FOR KIDS Subscription. This is a wonderful resource for our Students…
If you haven’t already passed it in, please do so by Friday, November 7th (Grades 1-5 only)

Also, Callahan School is ranked 16th out of 18 Elementary Schools in Lynn with the First in Math Computer Based Math Program.  We finished last year in 4th place.  Please encourage your children to log on at home…

Please note - Meadow Farms Fundraising product will be delivered to the school on Monday 11/03/2014.  They will be dent home shortly their after.

Time Magazine For Kids!

Time for Kids is an educational news magazine that is high interest and accessible to all readers.  It offers children the opportunity to engage in learning with non-fiction selections. 
Time for Kids has offered many schools around the country a chance to receive this magazine at an incredibly low subscription price of $4.00 per student.  These news magazines have targeted editions for grade levels K-1, 2, 3-4 and 5-6.
 There are 32 editions with each subscription. With each classroom subscription comes the availability for each teacher to display an electronic version of the magazine on the SMARTBOARD.  This allows all children to interact with the magazine.

Time for Kids is an educational news magazine that is high interest and accessible to all readers.  It offers children the opportunity to engage in learning with non-fiction selections.  Time for Kids has offered many schools around the country a chance to receive this magazine at an incredibly low subscription price of $4.00 per student.  These news magazines have targeted editions for grade levels K-1, 2, 3-4 and 5-6.  There are 32 editions with each subscription. With each classroom subscription comes the availability for each teacher to display an electronic version of the magazine on the SMARTBOARD.  This allows all children to interact with the magazine.

We would like to ask you to consider purchasing a subscription for your child.  Time for Kids magazines would be a great resource for our students and teachers. In order to receive the discounted price, all ordering needs to be done through our school.  The magazines would be delivered directly to the school and incorporated into specific lessons by our classroom teachers. Once the lesson or lessons have been completed, the students will bring the magazines home where they can reread and share out with family members what they have learned.  If you would like to participate in this opportunity please fill in the bottom portion and return with your payment of $4.00 (cash only please) to your child’s teacher in an envelope clearly marked with your child’s name and homeroom.  Thank you.

Dr. Brian Fay


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Welcome, Our Mission and Principal's Message

Our Mission Statement | The Julia F. Callahan School strives to provide all students with equitable opportunity for optimal achievement in all academic areas.

Boys and Girls, As we begin a New Year I want to remind you to:
– Do the Right Thing
– Do Your Best
– Treat Other People Like You Want to be Treated
– Set a Goal for Yourself and Work Toward that Goal

Brian Fay,

About Dr. Fay

Dr. Brian T. Fay holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in Business Management, a Masters of Special Education, and a Doctorate of Education in Management of Educational Programs. 

Dr. Fay began his career in education as a fourth grade teacher at the Connery Elementary School in 1994.  In addition, Dr. Fay has held the positions of an English Language Teacher and the Elementary Science and Technology Coordinator. Prior to becoming the Cobbet Elementary School Principal in 2008, Dr. Fay served for four years as the principal of the John E. Burke Elementary School in Peabody, MA.  Dr. Fay is an adjunct professor at American International College.

He has served as a contributor on the Massachusetts Education of Elementary and Secondary Education committees for the MCAS Science and Technology/Engineering Standard-Setting Committee and the Massachusetts Science and Technology/Engineering Curriculum Frameworks.

Dr. Fay has been an active member of the Lynn community serving as a youth basketball coach, mentor, member of the Classical Alumni Association, and the Friends of Lynn Woods.

Dr. Fay is a graduate of the Lynn Public Schools and a lifelong resident of Lynn.  Along with his wife Kristin, he has three sons, Derek a graduate of Bridgewater State University, and sons Jared, and Jake both attend Fordham University. 

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Welcome Back Message From Principal Fay

September 4, 2014
Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome back to school everyone!  This year promises to be filled with many wonderful learning opportunities for our children.  I would like to extend a special welcome to the Class of 2015 along with their families.  Many of these families have associated with Callahan for many years. In addition, I’d like to acknowledge the new faces joining the Callahan Community:

Rachel Bradley – School Nurse
Shirley Moulton-Bachini – CIT/Curriculum Support
Denise Firicano – 1st Grade Teacher
Janet MacDonald – 1st Grade Teacher
Deb Koutoulas – 3rd Grade Teacher
Deb Lawrence – Transitional 1/2
Betty MacIsaac – Inclusion
Elizabeth Palange – Inclusion
Barbara Cote – Teacher Assistance

On the back of this notice you’ll find a message from Superintendent Catherine Latham outlining the Guidelines for Visiting the Lynn Public Schools.  This new policy will be posted in both English and Spanish in our lobby shortly.  I will hold off of collecting a driver’s license or keys, as long as visitors remember to return badges and sign out.

I would like to thank you all in advance for assisting the school with the new visitor’s procedures.  This policy will help to ensure the safety of all our students, teachers, and faculty members.

Sincerely, Brian T. Fay Ed.D

Septiembre 4, 2014
Estimados Padres y Encargados,

¡Bienvenidos todos a la escuela nuevamente!  Este año promete estar lleno de muchas maravillosas oportunidades de aprendizaje para nuestros niños.  Quisiera extender una especial bienvenida a la Clase del 2015 y a sus familias.  Muchas de estas familias han estado asociadas con la Escuela Callahan por muchos años. Además, me gustaría dar a conocer las nuevas caras que se unen a la Comunidad de Callahan:

Rachel Bradley – Enfermera Escolar
Shirley Bachini – CIT/Apoyo al Plan de Estudios
Denise Firicano – Maestra de Primer Grado
Janet MacDonald – Maestra de Primer Grado
Deb Koutoulas – Maestra de Tercer Grado
Deb Lawrence – Transicional 1/2
Betty MacIsaac – Inclusión
Elizabeth Palange – Inclusión
Barbara Cote – Maestra Asistente

En la parte de atrás de esta carta usted encontrará un mensaje de la  Superintendente Catherine Latham en la cual se esbozan los Lineamientos para Visitar las Escuelas Públicas de Lynn.  Esta nueva política/directivas será puesta próximamente tanto en Inglés como en Español en nuestro vestíbulo de entrada.  Yo voy a posponer el tener que colectar licencias de conducir o llaves, siempre y cuando los visitantes recuerden devolver las insignias (badges) y firmar al retirarse.

Me gustaría agradecerles a todos ustedes en forma anticipada por ayudar a la escuela con los nuevos procedimientos para los visitantes.  Esta política/directivas ayudarán a garantizar la seguridad de todos nuestros estudiantes, maestros, y miembros del personal.

Sinceramente, Brian T. Fay Ed.D

Katie Donahue
Secretaria Escolar

Callahan Elementary School Information | 2014-2015

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200 O'Callaghan Way, Lynn, MA 01905
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List Principal
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List School Faculty List | 2014-2015 | Updated December 1, 2014
Subject | Faculty Grade Room
  Melanie Stinson K 101
  TBA Aide
  Leslie Cole K 102
  Donna St.Pierre Aide
  Jaime Paragios K 103
  Cindy McKanas Aide
Grade 1
  Debra Kelly 1 104
  Denise Firicano 1 111
  Janet McDonald 1 112
Grade 2    
  Steve Buccieri 2 108
  Kim Staples 2 109
  Debbie Jamieson 2 110
Grade 3    
  Liz Moriarty 3 207
  Sharon McDonald Aide
  Gina Grassa 3 209
  Deb Koutoulas 3 210
Grade 4    
  Deborah Demala 4 203
  Tina Barney 4 205
  James Sucharewicz 4 206
Grade 5  
  Sharon Samuelson 5 202
  Ariane Samuelson 5 204
  Felicia Rooney Aide
Curwin Location  
  Crystal Phelan Teacher  
  Robin Wolkiewicz Teacher  
  Linda Connolly Aide  
  Joyce Hewson Aide  
  Karen Howland Aide  
  Monica Mitchell   115

Behavioral Specialist

  Marla Kunselman   200
  Ellen Allard CIT 118
  Shirley Moulton-Bachini CIT 211
Clinical Director  
  Jennifer Fucci   200
Computer and Technology  
  TBA   Lab | 214
ELL Support    
  Maria Cinelli ELL 208
Lunch Aide (Chief)    
  Olga Fiaccaprile   Basement
  Caitlin Miele Music 216
Occupational Therapist  
  Kelly Simone OT 116
  Mary Jo Surrette PT
Physical Education  
  Derek Dana PE Gym | 121
  Carlyn Crane Reading 208
  Patricia LeBlanc Reading
  Lynne Bray   B115
  Susan Kummis   116
Special Education    
  Eleni Theodorakakos SPED S105
  Areti Thomadis Aide
  Elizabeth Lilja SPED S106
  Jean LeBrasseur Aide
  Stephen Hill Aide
  Alicia Burnett SPED S107
  Cathy Levesque Aide  
  Alexandria Pierre SPED S201
  Ruth Torres-Ramirez  Aide
  Ruth Silva SPED S212
  Dorothy D’Eon Aide
Special Education Resource  
  Hilma Denune Resource 211
  Betty MacIsaac Resource
  Elizabeth Palange Resource

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