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Welcome to the Curriculum Department

Curriculum Team Vision:
For all teachers to plan for all instruction using the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks, aligned to the Common Core, and craft powerful learning experiences for students.

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."
Benjamin Franklin

Our Department Information

Curriculum Department
Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Glenda Colon (781) 477-7220 extension 3184
Curriculum Department Clerk
Priscilla Santana (781) 477-7220 extension 3112
Paulette Hartwell (781) 477-7220 extension 3215
Data and Assessment
Assistant Director of Data Assessment/Curriculum Integration
Josh Mower (781) 477-7220 extension 3378
Early Childhood
Assistant Director of Early Childhood
Jacqueline Gallo (781) 477-7220 extension 3211
Educator Quality
Assistant Director of Educator Quality
Deborah Morel (781) 477-7220 extension 3223
ELA and Reading
Assistant Director of ELA/Reading
Allison Mosho-Hamilton (Secondary) (781) 477-7220 extension 3387
Assistant Director of ELA/Reading   
Michelle Winslow (781) 477-7220 extension 3234
Fine Arts Department
Assistant Director of Visual Arts, Theater, Dance
Patty Klibansky (781) 477-7220 extension 3349
Assistant Director of Music
Julie Carroll (781) 477-7220 extension 3210
Health and Physical Education
Assistant Director of Health/Physical Education
Colleen Peterson (781) 477-7220 extension 3148
History and Social Studies
Assistant Director of Curriculum History
Kristen Tabacco (PreK-12) (781) 477-7220 extension 3156
Postsecondary Readiness and Strategic Partnerships
Assistant Director of Postsecondary Readiness and Strategic Partnerships
Shannon Gardner (781) 477-7220 extension 3123
Instructional Technology
Assistant Director of Technology
Shannon Bansfield (781) 477-7220 extension 3185
Assistant Director of Mathematics
Kerri Altieri (Middle, High) (781) 477-7220 extension 3230
Assistant Director of Mathematics  
Julie Ward (Elementary, Middle)

(781) 477-7220 extension 3388

Assistant Director of Science
Lia Stelljes (781) 477-7220 extension 3229
World Lnguages
Assistant Director of World Languages
Cara Zubricki (781) 477-7220 extension 3196

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